General instructions for packing personal belongings for removal

Moving is a stressful process. That’s why we give you everything you need to know in order to pack your belongings without stress and any loss.

Boxes – parcels

A mistake many people make when moving is to try to fit all of their belongings in a few large boxes.

Instead, opt for more boxes that will be easier to lift and will not risk being opened due to excessive weight. Use boxes with dimensions of approximately 0,6 Χ 0,4 Χ 0,4.

Finally, make sure your boxes do not weigh more than 20 kg.

For heavy objects e.g. books use boxes of smaller dimensions (e.g. 0.30 X 0.20 X 0.20).

Always place the heaviest items on the bottom of each box so that other more fragile items do not break.

Use durable boxes. If you choose used boxes, make sure that they have not been exposed to moisture and that they are not damaged. The last thing you would like for a box is to be torn during transport.

For extra protection, cover the outside part with nylon.

On each package clearly indicate the SENDER details (name & phone) – even if they are going to be placed in a pallet.

To facilitate the transporters, write the details in capital letters both on the upper and lateral side.

Moreover, it would be good to number in ascending order e.g. (1/8, 2/8, 3/8 and so on). This makes it much easier to check that all your boxes are loaded.

Furniture – Electrical appliances

Wrap your electrical appliances first with a corrugated cardboard1 and then with a bubble wrap2. Ideally wrap with double bubble wrap2.

Tie firmly with wrapping tape3 or stretch film4. “Create reinforced packaging to avoid cuts or bumps”.

Porcelain – Glassware – Dishes

For fragile items, use enough tissue paper5 to wrap them.

Do not place fragile items in the box without extra support. Place them in cardboard boxes6 that you have previously filled with crushed styrofoam7.

Vulnerable objects – TVs

Vulnerable objects such as TVs are first wrapped with foam8 and then with bubble wrap2. Ideally wrap with double bubble wrap2.

The TVs are ideally packed in their factory transport box.

Carpets – Mattresses

Place your carpets in special packing and transport cases. Alternatively wrap them with stretch film4.

Recommended packaging materials*

Corrugated cardboard (wrapping paper)1




Bubble wrap (nylon sheet with blisters)2



Adhesive packing tapes3


Stretch film4



Tissue paper5



Cardboard boxes6



Crushed styrofoam7



Foam (sponge sheet)8*


The supply of packaging materials can be done from hardware – paint stores or from specialized packaging materials stores and technical department stores. We inform you that in the event that our company does not undertake the packaging of your household appliances, it is not responsible for any damage caused due to poor packaging – wrapping.