Transport of pallets and wooden boxes

At Cycargo we transport all kinds of pallets as well as heavy wooden boxes of every package. We know very well the specifications of these loads and for this reason we constantly train our loaders and unloaders in Greece and Cyprus for the proper management of these loads. We also invest in lifting as well as packaging machinery to properly support these transports by preventing wear and damages when moving these loads. Palletizing is a process where packaged items are placed on a pallet and secured with bundling tape. Palletizing significantly increases the safety in the transport of goods. The staff of our company has the necessary know-how that ensures the durability and stability of the palletizing of the containers. Our supervision guarantees that the pallets are durable and compact and their contents are stable. The tight and secure grip of the goods results in the pallet behaving like a single body. This eliminates the possibility of damaging the contents of the pallet as well as the contents of other pallets. The rigor of our palletizing controls satisfies the highest quality and quantitative needs of every business. The security of your transport is the main feature of your cooperation with us. By contacting the people in charge of our company, you will find out from the first contact that we manage with special care the transport of your goods under constant supervision at each stage of transshipment until the delivery to the final recipient of your load.