Refrigerated loads maintenance – refrigeration

Cycargo has invested heavily in refrigerated transport field. The quality of services must be fully and accurately certified in the transport of foodstuffs. Continuous digital temperature monitoring must be ensured to timely detect any changes and measures must be taken to prevent the loads from deteriorating. Our company has special equipment from certified sensors that monitor and record temperature changes in real time. In addition, we use a special pallet marking system that guarantees compliance with all specifications. Thanks to these systems we are able to intervene in time which ensures the proper refrigerated transport of your goods. In addition to the specifications for the correct transport temperature, our company places great emphasis on the cleanliness and hygiene of the transport. Thus, all surfaces of our means of transport are always clean and free of debris and odors. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as the investment in new technologies and mechanical equipment, make us guarantors for the safe transport of your goods between Greece and Cyprus. The high standards that we adhere to, have established us in the consciousness of our customers as a leading company in the distribution of containers and refrigerated products.