Transport line Greece – Cyprus

Shipping of boxes and small packages

The needs for continuous transport of small packages and boxes lead us to our continuous development for the better organization of these transports. At Cycargo we are constantly investing in the expansion of our network so as to cover the transport of parcels even in the most remote areas of Greece and Cyprus. Both our commitment to the provision of quality services and our pursuit to reduce transportation costs, have resulted in the provision of low transport prices combined with immediate receipt and delivery without delay. By working with us you will find out how close Greece is to Cyprus in terms of prices and delivery time!

Vehicles – boats – motorcycles

At Cycargo, the transport of motorcycles and watercrafts is weekly and we serve any need that arises whether it concerns the loading or the customs formalities for their free movement. Their safe movement is of paramount importance to us. Proper supervision procedures have been put in place to avoid turnovers and damages. Specific staff oversees these procedures.

Transport of full containers

Cycargo has containers of all types such as 20 – 40 – 45 feet either for dry load or for refrigerated. It also has containers for special transport loads of open top type as well as flatracks platforms. We offer full load transport services in door to door containers covering all areas of Greece and Cyprus. The combination of road and sea transport of containers is necessary and we achieve this with the support of our partners in land transport (daily shipping from and to each port we serve). Transport fares are always competitive and value for money. Contact us for any questions or information about these services.

Transport of pallets and wooden boxes

At Cycargo we transport all kinds of pallets as well as heavy wooden boxes of every package. We know very well the specifications of these loads and for this reason we constantly train our loaders and unloaders in Greece and Cyprus for the proper management of these loads. We also invest in lifting as well as packaging machinery to properly support these transports by preventing wear and damages when moving these loads. Palletizing is a process where packaged items are placed on a pallet and secured with bundling tape. Palletizing significantly increases the safety in the transport of goods. The staff of our company has the necessary know-how that ensures the durability and stability of the palletizing of the containers. Our supervision guarantees that the pallets are durable and compact and their contents are stable. The tight and secure grip of the goods results in the pallet behaving like a single body. This eliminates the possibility of damaging the contents of the pallet as well as the contents of other pallets. The rigor of our palletizing controls satisfies the highest quality and quantitative needs of every business. The security of your transport is the main feature of your cooperation with us. By contacting the people in charge of our company, you will find out from the first contact that we manage with special care the transport of your goods under constant supervision at each stage of transshipment until the delivery to the final recipient of your load.

Special type loads – machinery

Special type loads such as heavy machines and special constructions need specialization and certification for their safe transport. No transporter can handle such loads without the necessary knowledge, experience and certification. At Cycargo you will immediately see the long experience that combines knowledge and training in a particular field of transport. In the category of special load are also classified the dangerous goods (IMO class-ADR) such as chemicals – paints – corrosive – flammable items – drugs etc. which need special treatment and relevant authorization for their movement by the respective transporter.

Customs clearance

ΣAt Cycargo you will find full support for customs clearance procedures for your imported or exported products. In every port we serve there is customs coverage from our company. It should be noted that both Greece and Cyprus are countries members of the European Customs Union, however some types of transport are subject to controls during their movement from one country to another and are subject to specific taxes, duties, etc. With full confidence in the approved network of our customs partners we can offer you these services upon request. Contact us to learn more.

ransport of personal belongings – household appliances

A very special sector that we pay special attention to Cycargo is that of removals from Greece to Cyprus and vice versa. Having a long experience in this field, the executives of our company will be by your side from the first moment to help you make the right decisions regarding your removal. We provide the full range of removal services such as packing – wrapping – loading – unloading – unpacking – lifting equipment for use in multi-storey facilities and so on. Our workshops consist of selected partners and if deemed necessary are at your disposal to come to your place to assess your household goods. We will be by your side in this difficult time of moving abroad with the best possible support.

Refrigerated loads maintenance – refrigeration

Cycargo has invested heavily in refrigerated transport field. The quality of services must be fully and accurately certified in the transport of foodstuffs. Continuous digital temperature monitoring must be ensured to timely detect any changes and measures must be taken to prevent the loads from deteriorating. Our company has special equipment from certified sensors that monitor and record temperature changes in real time. In addition, we use a special pallet marking system that guarantees compliance with all specifications. Thanks to these systems we are able to intervene in time which ensures the proper refrigerated transport of your goods. In addition to the specifications for the correct transport temperature, our company places great emphasis on the cleanliness and hygiene of the transport. Thus, all surfaces of our means of transport are always clean and free of debris and odors. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as the investment in new technologies and mechanical equipment, make us guarantors for the safe transport of your goods between Greece and Cyprus. The high standards that we adhere to, have established us in the consciousness of our customers as a leading company in the distribution of containers and refrigerated products.

Load insurance coverage

Due to our great experience in transport, we provide and offer to our customers the insurance coverage of their products. Our insurance coverage is fully focused on the needs of our customers. We offer financial insurance coverage for all shipments of your products with an easy and fast process. Knowing how important the transport of your items is, our company covers your needs individually.
Our company cooperates with approved insurance companies that have many years of knowledge and experience in the field of insurance coverage for goods to be transported. Our company is distinguished for the special diligence it demonstrates in the safe transport of its customers’ goods. The insurance coverage for any of your exports – imports is an additional guarantee for the transport of your goods in case of an unexpected event. The extent of the insurance coverage of the transport depends on the coverages provided in the insurance contract. Contact the person in charge of our company and s/he will advise you accordingly.

Quick and safe!